January 24, 2018




The Moonwalk Project  is an itinerant dance laboratory  in nature aimed at exploring the meeting between body and landscape. It is a project aimed at building bridges and artistic collaborations in new creative  ways. It is an immersive creative process by foot in nature, a poetic journey and a dancing quest. It is a beyond borders project because it does involve artists from different countries and  backgrounds researching together on the different ways body and landscape can meet. It is an epic journey between holy and wild, from mountain torrents to the sea, from summits to the edge of deep blue horizon, going through forests and small villages. Dance, cultural/ natural heritage and new social constructions will become the three main actors.

September 2016 witnessed the first edition of the Moonwalk. 15 artists from 10 different countries and a variety of backgrounds gathered during one moon cycle to walk and explore dance together from Pyrenean Mountains to the Mediterranean Sea. We walked from Sept. 8th till October the 2nd. Then we headed towards the Living Arts Base monastery (http://www.living-arts-base.org).  During this phase we gathered what emerged from the walk, we danced with the resonances and started creating different pieces and artwork related to it.

The rhythm of the walk takes us back to other times, of the first men reaching out to the unknown, of pilgrimages ever since and to journeys of the present time. An intimate dialogue is possible and revealed within the traversed environment. The desire to go forward roots in patience. It unveils our relation to the world and through dance, either subtle or explosive, we can communicate with all things.

Moonwalk is meant to become a danced reflection on the world and its natural, human-built, symbolic, energetic, psychological or legal borders.


This venture is the opportunity to question through the body, our way of perceiving, of relating to the earth, to nature, to human constructions, to the group. To extract the creating act, the transforming act. To nourish the dance through an immersive journey and invent new pathways of inhabiting the world. To dive into the unknown and the subconscious. Studying, creating and developing from the group dynamic is an important aspect of this project. As a collective, we are together for more than one month interacting and co-habiting using verbal and non verbal communication. Our aim is to find an ecology that allows more harmonious ways between the individual and the group.

We offer our dance to the landscapes we walk through and to the encounters; dancing in remote villages, mountain shelters, unusual and unique situations. We offer workshops and create performances along the way.

2017 has seen the second edition of the project.  We have followed the path in between Lourdes and Bidarray, heading west, from High Pyrenees towards the Basque country following the GR10. The adventure started  with a small preparation residency in Ariège (France) and then we started the walk with the new moon on Aug. 21st  until Sep. 21st. We stopped at the gorges de Kakuetta in order to do an art residency and there we had the chance of working with Mixel Etxekopar, an amazing Basque musician., who collborated with us on a perfroming open day in this beautiful landscape.

The guidelines for this moonwalk were to develop and deepen the physicality and poetics of dance in resonance with landscapes, explore how we create and compose using both inner and outer elements, linking, dreaming, and emerging as dances, poems or stories.
Allowing playing a full frame game where all what we are, feel, think, do, is material for creation as well as the relationships between each other, our dreams, memories, visions, emotions.Walk into the unknown and use the way we experience it to be creative.

Find our own and collective organic rhythm. We had the time to discover places we felt attracted to, write, film, also make masks, costumes and construction from natural elements or human wastes that can support or rituals, scenes, fictions…

This year a moonwalk movie has been made in order to record, heighten and share this unique experience, offering both poetic account and documentation. It has captured the dance in various sceneries, daily insights, interactions, instant compositions and unexpected narratives. Catalan film director Jordi Arque has joined us during the walk and is currently editing the film.

If you are willing to help us, please visit our crowdfunding site where you can support financially and get amazing recompenses. Click on the image!










The money will cover film production costs and editing.

Moonwalk will not end here. The aim is to re edit the project every year in a different part of the world, go into different contexts and develop further into the fields of research opened up by the first experiences.       


We want to take dance everywhere!!!!




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January 23, 2018

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