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Dancing the elemental body: The body that measures the landscape, the body in intercourse with weather, the body kissing mass of peat, the body in love-death relation to the day...




The Moonwalk Lab is a itinerant dance research solo, duo or group which works mainly outside the studio, in contact  with nature or urban  landscapes and its elements.  We collect images, souvenirs, sounds, stories and explore how to put them into motion.


The Moonwalk Lab is a work in progress project coming from the Moonwalk Experience, an itinerant dance laboratory  in nature aimed at exploring the meeting between body and landscape.

Moonwalk is meant to become a danced reflection on the world and its natural, human-built, symbolic, energetic, psychological or legal borders. It is an opportunity to question, through the body, our way of perceiving, of relating to the earth, to nature, to human constructions, to the group.


March 2019: We have been invited to develop our research at the island of Syros (Greece), guest artists at the Akopoditi Dancetheater (

 diving into the local landscape, encountering people, words, sounds, stories, myths. In this occasion we have given ourselves a little challenge bringing our experiences into the studio, observing what happens when we reconnect with the souvenirs of landscapes, with memory and oblivion. Public Presentation and workshops: Saturday March 10th, 2018.








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