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The second edition Moonwalk team! From the miracles of Lourdes to the Atlantic...

August 9, 2017




My career began dedicated to sound working on numerous film dubbing studios. Later I created an audiovisual production company, Perla28, and started focusing more on post-production work of audio and video. I have worked in promotional videos, video art, advertising, etc. With Perla28 I won the international competition MOFILM with the Chevrolet brand.

For many years I have had a very close relationship with dance. I have experienced it with my own body and I have also done a lot of films about this subject. The Urban_butoh series consists of short pieces of video dance with important butoh dancers of around the world.

In 2014 I released my first documentary film, "the soul of dance" about the creation process of a performance by spanish choreographer Andres Corchero. I have worked with dance companies /physical theatre as Malpelo, Amaranto, Colectivo 96o, Cristina Nunez, Amaranta Velarde, La buenaCia, Raravis, Rosa Munoz, Sol Pico, hello!earth and many more.





Acteur / danseur/ musicien , compositeur

Se forme au court de ses 7 années de voyages , il participe à plusieurs projets artistique fusionnant musique théâtre cirque danse et poésie . En Recherche de l'authentique et du sacrée dans l'art du jeu.

Actuellement en création d'un seul en scène " l'origine" théâtre rituel inspiré des métamorphose d'Ovide. Il donne depuis 6 mois des ateliers de chants improvisé. Et organise plusieurs événements artistiques: festivales, cabarets et d'autres Projets artistiques: "El mundo es azul como naranja" cabaret théâtre (Granada espagne 2007) , " Arsene lupo" gypsy jazz tournée à vélo ( Roumanie Hongrie , Serbie , Bosnie Croatie 2008-2009), "Los hijos del viento " musique tzigane et cirque ( Argentine , Uruguay , Brezil 2010-2013) "La locura locura" théâtre clown ( Brezil 2013). Effectue un stage intensif de 6 mois de clown & théâtre physique brazil bahia En 2014 il rentre en France , à Toulouse ou il effectue une formation professionnel au théâtre du ring " acteur au pluriel" Il travaille ensuite avec la Cie Dzonot "Il y a ceux qui" théâtre tragicomique textes jp Siméon Le groupe "Kham Kalo" fuzion tzigane théâtralisé Cie théâtre de l'acte "La grande nébuleuse" théâtre physique experimental Cie Zalzaros " hors contrôl " ( cirque équestre itinérant ) Cie merversible théâtre danse musique (spectacle de rue autour du canal du midi).



EMMANUEL ROGEZ  est né en 1980 à Lille. Il se travaille plusieurs années en tant qu'éducateur spécialisé auprès de S.D.F., ensuite il se sert de ses mains et devient Charpentier, décorateur de théâtre, Machiniste de théâtre.

Il crée en parallèle des installations plastiques. Il expose entre autres à Mixart Myrys et au centre culturel Bellegarde à Toulouse. Petit à petit des êtres vivants apparaissent dans ses installations. Cela l'amène à la scénographie de pièces de théâtre, notamment pour la pièce Pas Bouger de la compagnie les Soupirs haché(E)s et pour le Cabaret Erotique de la compagnie Les Folies Passagères.

Il reprends alors des études en art du spectacle et multiplie les formations de comédien où il rencontre La compagnie les Soupirs Haché(E)s qui l'embauche sur son spectacle Pas Bouger en tant que comédien et scénographe. Par la suite il rencontre David Malan avec qui il crée en 2013 le spectacle Pédale, Bijoux, Barbe. En 2017 il crée la cie Le Poum et met en scène Joseph Burdin sur un nouveau spectacle Babine.






For the last ten years I’m passionate about improvisation and questioning the limits of freedom on philosophical, psychological or physical level. That quest led me to many experiences, might it be traveling, teaching in high school or art.

When I met dance I felt home and saw a potent way of embodying all these questions, of learning about myself and my relation and place in the world.


I want performing as a transformation act, unleashing all vibrant and unconscious forces in presence to give birth to something new that challenges patterns of perception and thoughts.This year I am dedicating to creation, construction of new pedagogic tools and performing in various contexts using movement, composition, music, poetry and voice. I am also working as choreographer and dancer in this project and preparing the Moonwalk!






Issued from a Fine Arts background and has exhibited her works in Europe and Japan. She made her first performative steps in Lecoq movement and gesture techniques and street performance before heading towards dance. She has worked with butoh performers Anita Saij, Masaki Iwana, Gyohei Zaitsu, Yuko Kaseki, Rhizome Lee, with bodyweather practicioner Frank van de Ven, and contemporary dancers Imen Smaoui and Martin Sonderkampf. Cofounder of art multidisciplinary collectives L'Atelier D (Tunisia- Spain-Denmark) and La Sangria Discreta (Switzerland), she has performed in different festivals around Europe and  participated in several art residencies in Spain, France and Denmark. She is also a freelance handmade collage- dream boxes architect.







Nadia is a performer and improviser who grew up at the intersection of hot, happy Texas suburbia and the sprawling agriculture fields of southeastern France. She uses her body and gaze to write stories.


While based in Seattle, Washington (2011-2016), Nadia’s repeated collaborations with generative artists Paige Barnes, Marlo Martin and KT Niehoff engendered a deep appreciation for time and process in art-making. With Barnes she dove into ritual, animal abstraction, and performative improvisational scores. The resulting works were presented at the Hedreen Gallery, Northwest Film Forum and Orcas Island Film Festival. In working with Martin across five seasons, she experienced badassery through group unison, athletic partnering and the buzzing presence of ten powerful women together on stage. With Niehoff,  she was reminded that her eyes are round and challenged to play with the ecstasy of taffy.


Nadia has learned the most about how to live and listen and be in the world from her contemporary dance practice. She has learned the second most from five years spent crafting, cooking, dancing, singing and lining up with preschoolers in Seattle.


Currently, Nadia is thrilled to be discovering the connection of her body to the earth through recent experiences in physical labor, farming, eco-construction and Kalaripayattu. She is interested in reconciling her outdoor-loving, farmer self with her performer self.




Dance makes me alive ; Poetry gives me fuel ; Elements make me feel the world ; To be a woman give me a place somewhere.

My own dance is based on improvisation, feelings, exploration and playing, with limits and contact. I also use with yoga, qi gong, contemporary & African dance, as well as singing, drawing or writing. By poetry I mean the magic of the world, facts that I receive like presents from the universe. I nourrish this supra-world, inspired by  other artists like universal thoughts.

« Medicine Dance » made me encounter the power, Life Art Process opened the possibles and freedom. Exploring outside has always been a source of richness. Elements give my body infinite ways to express itself.

To be a woman has opened me the way to consciousness and ancestral knowledge. To become Moonmother and to be initiated into Wombblessing and cares, canalizing energy of sacred feminine, has  given me the possibility  to come back to my roots and impetus, to connect to the woman condition with love. Moon is my schedule.


Autodidact, I work on collective creations, research and performances. As awakener of creativity, I lead laboratories in order to  approach collective and individual body mentoring.

Le site de toutes les danses






La danse a toujours été très présente dans ma vie,comme un "chemin initiatique".

J'ai commencé a creer pour un public dans des collectifs avec la danse africaine suite à un voyage de 2 ans en Afrique puis la danse afro-contemporaine puis contemporaine avec "technique Limon" puis techniques d improvisation (Julyen hamilton..)

Puis la danse contact et techniques de kinesiologie (feldenkrais,BMC,Fasciatherapie).

La danse butoh m'a toujours "fasciné" mais je ne m' y suis reellement mise que ces 4 dernières années avec beaucoup de "devotion".

Elle me relie à ce qu il y-a de plus essentiel, de plus organique. Elle me rend totalement "transparente". Un appel aux forces de la vie, à l'ame. De la vie à la mort, des tenèbres à la lumière dans une transformation, transmutation permanente.

Danser dans la nature me rapproche d'avantage des "ces forces"...les forces de l'invisible...Elle transgresse toutes mes limites.













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